Liberi, that is to say: for children


My motherly path was lucky to go three times already. I am the mum of two wonderful little girls and a wonderful son. Although every motherhood is different and each of us is passing it a bit differently, there are some problems and needs, shared and with these needs grew the idea of the Liberi.

A workshop in which we do not only need the youngest, but also 

A workshop based on motherly experience projects growing out of the needs of each of Mam. These everyday and those more festive.

Because who best understand a young mom? Second mom!

Each product is handmade, with the utmost attention to detail.

We use fabrics and fills friendly and safe for children.

Our models are available in a variety of colours and designs, and can be easily matched to the interior. 

We just want our products to be safe, nice, durable (although children’s things are usually heavily exploited) and most importantly, they enjoyed baby and his mother. So that every mom is confident that choosing the Liberi chooses the best.

Creating for the little ones is great fun!

That’s why we are happy to hear I have, because every mom so, what is best for her baby J let me know what you need and we poszerzymy offer or we will perform an individual project!

Mom-Edyta, who knows how it is to be a mom